Boys' Basketball

Boys' Basketball -hosted by Rehoboth Christian High School

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We are the Ontario Christian Secondary School Athletic Association.

All member Christian High Schools share the following goals;

1) To encourage and strive for excellence in sports play among the associations' schools

2) To provide quality Christian competition for the athletes and their coaches

3) To create opportunities for fellowship with Christian athletes

4) To provide the arenas in which coaches and athletes model and learn leadership in athletics

5) To create opportunities for everyone involved, from the organizers, helpers, players, coaches, officials, and spectators, to glorify God through serving, helping, encouraging, challenging, and having fun together.




12480 Hutchinson Farm Lane

Caledon, ON

L7C 2B6

Telephone: (905) 843-3771

Fax: (905) 843-2929

Principal: Andy Cabral

Ath Director: Rich Fontanna

Team Name: Bobcats

475 Keil Drive South

Chatham, ON

N7M 6L8

Telephone: (519) 352-4980

Fax: (519) 352-4041

Principal: Ken VanMinnen

Ath Director: Sharon Smith

Team Name: Flames

9749 Hwy 15, R.R. # 6

Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4S7

Phone: (613) 283- 5089

Fax: (613) 283-6949

Principal: Tom Bourne

Ath Director: Nathan Rice

Team Name:

340 West Scugog Lane

Bowmanville, ON

L1C 3K2

Telephone: (905) 623-5940

Fax: (905) 623-6258

Principal: Shannon Marcus

Ath Director: Anita Kralt

Team Name: Dynamite

680 Tower St. S.

Fergus, ON

N1M 0B1

Telephone: (226)-383-7300 

Fax (519) 843-4711 

Principal: Henk Nobel 

Ath Director: Nick Mans

Team Name: Eagles

4875 King Street

Beamsville, ON

L0R 1B6

Telephone: (905) 563-5374

Fax: (905) 563-0818

Principal: Kerri Kennedy

Ath Director: Duane May

Team Name: Lakers

420 Crerar Drive

Hamilton, ON

L9A 5K3

Telephone: (905) 574-4011

Fax: (905) 574-8662

Principal: Roger Vanoostveen

Ath Director: Tim Wildeboer

Team Name: Gryphons

92 Glancaster Road, R.R.1

Ancaster, ON

L9G 3K9

Telephone: (905) 648-6655

Fax (905) 648-3139

Principal: Duncan Todd

Ath Director: Brad Heidbuurt

Team Name: Knights

P.O. Box 400, 2850 4th Ave.

Jordan Station, ON

L0R 1S0

Telephone: (905) 562-7303

Fax: (905) 562-0020

Principal: Brian Kemer

Ath Director: Jeff Wiersma

Team Name: Hawks

528 Burnhamthorpe Road West

Oakville, ON

L6J 4Z2

Telephone: (905) 257-KING

Fax (905) 257-5463

Principal: John De Boer

Ath Director: Eric Bulthuis

Team Name: Cavaliers

24 Braesyde Avenue

London, ON

N5W 1V3

Telephone: (519) 455-4360

Fax (519) 455-4364

Principal: Tim Bentum

Ath Director: John Lise

Team Name: Pioneers

93 Queen St.

Komoka, ON

N0L 1R0

Telephone: (519) 471-0661

Principal: Michael VanderDeen

Ath Director: Theresa Schilthuis

Team Name: Patriots

138 Wallbridge-Loyalist Rd.

Belleville, ON

K8N 4Z2

Telephone: (613) 968-7870

Fax: (613) 968-7970

Principal: John VanderWindt

Ath Director: Curtis DeVries

Team Name: Eagles

82 Colonnade Road N.

Nepean, ON

K2E 7L2

Telephone: (613) 723-9262

Fax: (613) 723-9321

Principal: Linda Delean

Ath Director: Michael Laliberte

Team Name: Royals

198 Inksetter Road

P.O. Box 70

Copetown, ON

L0R 1J0

Telephone: (905) 627-5977

Fax: (905) 628-4422

Principal: Brian Kemper

Ath Director: Matthew Brandsma

Team Name: Redhawks

R.R. 1, 6488 Smithville Road 
Smithville, ON 
L0R 2A0 
Telephone: (905) 957-3255 
Fax: (905) 957-3431 
Principal: Ted Harris 
Ath Director: Fred Breukelman
Team Name: Storm 

377 Woodbridge Avenue

Woodbridge, ON

L4L 2V7

Telephone: (905) 851-1772

Fax: (905) 851-9992

Principal: William Groot

Ath Director: Matt Heinbuch

Team Name: Falcons

R.R.5, 614 Mersea Road 6

Leamington, ON

N8H 3V8

Telephone: (519) 326-7448

Fax (519) 326-0278

Principal: Sonya Bedal

Ath Director: Darcy Bults

Team Name: Lightning

750 Essa Road

Barrie, ON

L4N 9E9

Telephone: (705) 792-6915

Fax: (705) 792-2389

Principal: Al Schenk

Athletic Director: Stephen Lopes

Team Name: Lions

1058 Spitzig Road


Breslau, ON

N0B 1M0

Telephone: (519) 648-2114

Fax: (519) 648-3402

Principal: John Van Pelt

Ath Director: Scott Kooy

Team Name: Cavaliers

2619 Niagara Parkway
Fort Erie, Ontario

L2A 5M4 

Telephone (905)-871-6980

President:  Mr. Scott Herron


Cross Country

Hosted by Woodland Christian High School in Waterloo

Boys' Volleyball

Boys Volleyball -Hosted by Quinte Christian High School in Belleville

Girls' Basketball

Girls' Basketball -Hosted by Guido de Bres Christian High School

Boys' Basketball

Boys' Basketball -Hosted by Rehoboth Christian High School

Girls' Volleyball

Girls' Volleyball -Hosted by Providence Christian High School


Badminton -Hosted by Smithville District Christian High School

Location:  Brock University

Track & Field

Track & Field -Hosted by London District Secondary School & Brampton Christian Academy

Boys' Soccer

Boys' Soccer-Hosted by King's Christian Collegiate 

Girls' Soccer

Girls' Soccer- Hosted by Hamilton District Christian High School

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Eric Bulthuis, King's Christian Collegiate


Colin Hoving - Toronto District Christian High School

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